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Points will be awarded for the following awards as set out below. Points are allocated according to your placing (first 3 places).

Only BBEC Paid Club Members will stand in line for points for these awards. Points are horse and rider combination specific, meaning you will receive separate points for each horse you ride.


BBEC Equestrian Champion and reserve champion of the year

o BBEC shows only - may include other shows

o All disciplines

Western Performance Champion & Reserve champion

o BBEC shows

o BBEC Western performance qualifiers

Barrel Racing Champion & Reserve champion

o NBHA Events

BBEC Mounted Games Champion & Reserve Champion

o Only BBEC mounted games events

BBEC Show Jumping Champion & Reserve Champion

o All show jumping events

BBEC Dressage Champion & Reserve Champion (English Dressage/Western Dressage/Cowboy  Dressage)

o All dressage events - most points

High Score Winners

o Record is kept of the highest scores earned for each class under each level and under each age group. At the end of the year, riders with the highest scores will receive awards, as well as overall highest score earned for each class under each level, regardless of age group. This is open to members and non- members.

High Point Winners

o Based on points earned for placings per class

Bitless Challenge Champion

o BBEC Bitless Challenge

Best Sportsmanship Conduct

                  o Sportsmanship conduct is determined by the ethical, appropriate, polite and fair participation of a competitor, competing                      by the rules, respecting his/her opponents, graciously loosing and winning with class. Respecting the judges ruling.


                  o The skill or art of horse riding. Always treating the horse fairly and never lifting a hand in anger / in punishment.                      Always being patient and understanding with their horse.

Points System

o All disciplines placings

1st        =  3 points

2nd        = 2 points

3rd        = 1 points

4th & onwards including participation (regardless of DQ)  =  0,5 points